Don’t take a slack line on safety.

Keep things firm and secure with the Ladder Safe Leash

ladder safe leash australian made

Every year, 100 Australians are killed from working at height related falls – making it one of the primary causes of work-related fatalities down under. When focused on the climb, you can forget about the fall. Luckily, the Ladder Safe Leash is there to catch you.

Proudly Australian made, the Ladder Safe Leash has been designed and crafted with the finest quality products from Australia and around the world. From its Italian made carabiners to cam-lock buckles from Sweden – the leash is firm, steady and built to last.

Holds the ladder in place and alleviates the risk of slipping.

Other ladder-securing systems attach to guttering systems which are often rusty, poorly secured or, at times, nonexistent. By attaching directly and securely to the structural truss of the roof itself, the Ladder Safe Leash holds the ladder in place and alleviates the risk of slipping. Rated at 100kg each, no ladder is too big for ladder safe leash.


It’s easy to use.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. Simply pass the clip through the loop around the upright rail of your ladder and pull firm, place the patented UV rated nylon keyhole clip over a loosened roofing screw and slot down. Tighten the screw and pull on the loop with the tags through the cam-lock buckle. Repeat on both sides of your ladder and you’re all set.