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Much Easier. More Secure.

“I have been using the Ladder Safe Leash for quite a while now, in the past I have used a bit of rope or strapping and tying off to whatever I can, but the ladder safe makes it so much easier and more secure, I can ‘t believe it hasn’t been made before.”

Jeremy, Solar Electrician

My employees feel safer.

“I now have a Ladder Safe Leash for every one of my ladders. My employees feel safer, having the leashes on the ladders makes them think about safety automatically, not just about the ladder, but the rest of the job too”

Tim, Building Contractor

Makes my job easier and quicker.

“For years now I have prided myself with my safety culture, the Ladder Safe Leash just makes my job easier and quicker”

David, Roofing Plumber

Much safer.

“Safety is always our first priority, the safety of our crew and the public. Such a simple device that is so quick and easy to use can make what is potentially a dangerous part of our work just that much safer. It’s a no-brainer. I bought one for home after using a Ladder Safe Leash at work.”

Oliver, Firefighter

Peace of mind.

“I feel so much better knowing that my husband is safe doing all his jobs around the house. It makes us both feel better knowing that he is safe on his ladder”

Sarah, Retired Wife and Mother.
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